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Thursday, 10 March 2011


The App name itself describes the application, But still i will give you a brief idea about it.

There are about 3500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to the repeller. Use the pitch selector to find optimal repelling frequency for the mosquitos in your region.

As the Animals and Insects can hear the high frequency noise,

we have use 3 different high frequency to keep away insects, mainly mosquitoes and other insects


  1. How do you turn it off??

    1. Press the Frequency button which is green and it will turn off.
      Let us know if this does not help.

  2. What area it covers? Do i have to put my cell on the window or sth?

    1. Hi Daliborka ,

      We are not sure about the area as it varies for different regions, but you can putting at a place where you don't want insects around. You can try 2-3 location for best choice.

      Lastly the app works on a theory where in insects can hear high frequency audio and so they try to stay away, so please try the above method and let us know if you need any other information

      RulTech Solutions Private Limited.